Member in the professional artist's syndicate in lebanon

Cannes Film Festival 2018
Nominated best actor for the Movie "For you" in "Mirabile Dictu" Film Festival Rome 2015
Cannes Film Festival 2013
Laylet al Mabrouk 2012
Dubai Film Festival 2012
Best arabic actor "a man of honor" Cartage festival 2012
Cairo Film Festival 2012
Jury Member of the Bruxelles independant films festivals 2012
Cannes Film Festival 2012
Doha Film Festival 2011
Cannes Film Festival 2011
Cairo Film Festival 2010
Best Lebanese actor supporting role , Murex d'or 2010
Cannes Film Festival 2010
Dubai Film Festival 2009
Cairo Film Festival 2009
Nominated for the best Lebanese actor, Murex d'or 2008
Cannes Film Festival 2009
Dubai Film Festival 2008
Middle East Film Festival: Abu Dhabi 2007
Nominated for the best Lebanese actor, Murex d'or 2007
Arab Theater Festival Guest: Amman - Jordan 2002

List of   the works of art:

��������  I- T.V SERIES

- Roubi  2011 Starring role Rami Hanna

- Dr. HALA  Starring role Lebanon
                2008- 2009 (Future T.V.)  Gaby Saad

- Leila s mad Starring role Lebanon 
                2008 (Future T.V.)  Samir Habche

- Between Sand And Love Starring role Lebanon- Iran
                2008 Mouhamad  Ansari

- How we get married Starring role Lebanon - Syria
                2008  Wael  Ramadan

- Zanoubia ( Queen  Of  Tadmour )  Guest star Lebanon-Syria
                 2007 ( LBC)  Mhamad Rajab

-Mysteries Of Life  Starring  role Lebanon
                 2007  Fadi Breidy

-Rebellious Angel
 KHALIL  GIBRANs  biography  Starring role Lebanon - Syria
              2006  Mohamad  Fardoss  Al Atassi

-Nidal Starring role Lebanon
              2006 Elie Habib

- The Century Of  Madness  Starring role Lebanon-Syria
              2004 Marwan Barakat

- The Path Starring role Lebanon
              2002 Gaby Saad

- The Search For “ Salah El Din “  Main role Lebanon- Syria   
               2002 Najdat Anzour 

- Her Name is “ NO”  Main role Lebanon 
               2001 Albert Kilo

- The Courageous  Starring role Lebanon-Syria-Jordan
               2000 Najdat Anzour

-Stingies 2000 Main role Lebanon  
                1999 Antoine Rimi 

- Arrow Of Fire Main role Lebanon – Syria 
                1999 Najdat Anzour

- Marriage request

   “ Capacity And Fate “  Main role  Lebanon
                1998 ( LBC)  Milad Abi Raad 

   “Breeze Of Poetry “  Main role Lebanon            
                1998 ( LBC)  Fares El Hajj

   “ The Mutilated “ Main role Lebanon
                1998 Antoine Rimi

    “ The Station “ Starring role Lebanon- Saudi Arabia
                1997 Bashar Malla

    Watch  Out  From “ Latifa”  Main role Lebanon
                1996 Antoine  Rimi

    Mosaique  Street  Starring role  Lebanon
                1995 Antoine Rimi

    Nabila      Supporting  role Lebanon
                1994 Wael Alama

    The Fingers Of Gold     Supporting role Lebanon
                1994  Milad Hachem

    The Victim          Supporting role Lebanon                                    
                1994 Bassem  Naser


           II- T.V. Movies

          -Joseph  And Mary  ( based on Romeo And Julittes  Novel)
               Starring role Lebanon 2005  Fadi  Braydi

��� -The  Masks 

              Starring role  Lebanon  2005   Georges Ghayad

            -  The End Of The Beginning
                Participated in many European Festivals and won many awards .

                Starring role  Lebanon 2002  Jad Al Habr 

������������-  My Father  

                Best film in  Shams Festival in Beirut 2001.  
                Participated in The European festival for movies in Beirut 2001.
                It participated as well in several festivals in different countries:
                Canada- Spain – Italy …..   Starring role Lebanon  2000
                 Elie  Barakat . 

             - And On The Eleventh Day       Guest star – Lebanon 1999
                                Charles  Sawaya

             - The Saint Of “KFIFAN”    Starring role  Lebanon
                                 1998   Charles  Sawaya

             - The Last Days       Starring  role  Lebanon- Egypt
                                  1998   Tarek  Al Nahre

             - Love Stories         Main role Lebanon
                                  1995  Bassem Naser

             - A Place For Strangers           Supporting role Lebanon-Egypt
                                  1995  Hani Ismail

             - “ Safrouta”      Supporting role Lebanon
                                  1994  Hani Ismail

           III- Cinema

          -Men Ajlikom
         Starring role, Lebanon 2015 (father Charles Sawaya).

     39 seconds starring Lara Saba

   -Man of honor Starring role Lebanon
      2009 Jean Claude Codsi

   - Heart Beat  ( Short Movie )   Starring role Lebanon
                   2009  Souad Khalil

   - Bloody Wedding    Starring role Lebanon – Iran
                   2008-2009  Mouhamad Ansari

   - Who Loves Lebanon?  Starring role Lebanon – Iran 
                   1995          Hassan    Karabakhch  

          IV- OTHERS

   -  Poetic Readings    Starring role Lebanon
                   2006- Georges Haddad 
    - Legends (based on one thousand and one night )
                   2000 – Antoine Rimi 

    - The Arabic Language Club    Starring role Lebanon
                   1995- Rafic Najjar
    - A Story And A Song    Main role Lebanon
                   1995- Fouad Ramadan

    - A Journey With An Artist     Supporting role Lebanon
                   1995  Samir   Ghousayni


           V- Dubbing:

                     More than four thousand hours of dubbing programs
                     (Starring and main roles) for adults and children in different
                     Studios in Lebanon.
                     N.B   Starring role in dubbing for many Disney movies.


           VI- Presenter :

                    Presented the live event of “Beirut City Of Peace “at
                    Down Town , Martyr s Square on April 10th, 2005 , which
                    Was broadcast on several channels.

           VII- Theatre:

                    - The Magic Trap ( for children )  Starring role Lebanon
                       1995- Fares Al Hajj

                    - Arze And The Beast ( for Children) Starring role Lebanon    
                       1995 Elie Nemri

                    - Romeo And Julliete ( for adults) Starring role  Lebanon
                       1999     Zeina Kachaami                                           

�������������������                   - “ Felet El Mlak “  Main role Lebanon 
                       1998  Varouj 
                   - Bourj New Police Station    Supporting role Lebanon  
                       1996  Sami Makssoud


           VIII- Adverts :

                   -  Danone-caramel   Starring role France  
                         2005 Ghassan  Kteit
                  - A.C classic alzamel   Starring ro;e Saudi Arabia
                         2004 Gigi Piola


           IX- Radio:

                  - The Dream ( radio series ) Starring role Lebanon
                         2002 Firas Gibran

                  - Documentary   Starring role  Lebanon
                         2000  Ramssine  Moussa